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Rapid Detection Kits
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Portable ventilator
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Completed projects

vaccine production line

Making and producing new vaccines with new methodology in the world

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BSL3 laboratory

Mobile laboratory for identification and detection of CBRNE agents

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Hazmat Fire Brigade

HAZMAT firefighting with CBRNE pack products with special services

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Ambulance CBRNE

CBRNE Ambulance is a safe and modern device

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CBRNE portable emergency system

Mobile emergency, the possibility of providing medical services with high flexibility

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Decontamination tent

Decontamination tent for washing after leaving the contaminated area

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Radiation dust Suction Vehicle

The radiant dust collector collects dust from the surfaces

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Semi-Heavy Vehicle Disinfection

Decontamination semi-heavy vehicle has individual equipment for protection

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6 March 2024
Human papillomavirus(HPV)

HPV is a virus that usually causes abnormal skin or mucous membrane growths and warts. There are over a hundred types of HPV. Of the ...

20 February 2024
Description of the biological agent SEB

Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B (SEB) protein is very potent and very little is required for its toxic effect compared to a synthetic chemical. SEB is very ...

13 February 2024
Warning regarding biological hazard

A biological hazard is created by a biological substance that poses a threat to living organisms, primarily involving humans. This can include an example of ...

3 January 2024
Outbreaks Lumpy Skin Disease

Lampy skin disease (LSD) is a type of goat pox virus that is caused by insect bites in cattle. Skin disease is more common in ...

27 December 2023
The different presence of Milad Daru in the third international epidemiology congress and exhibition of Iran University of Medical Sciences

The 10th National Congress and the 3rd International Congress of Iranian Epidemiology were held by Iran University of Medical Sciences from 8 to 10 December ...

25 December 2023
Acute viral inflammation of liver in poultry (Angara)

fowl adenovirus(FAdV) was first reported in Angara Goth, Pakistan in 1987. Also in June 2015, an outbreak of fowl adenovirus occurred in China, causing significant ...

23 December 2023
The importance of vaccination value of poultry and wild birds

In 2021, a research paper titled (Identification of genetic and biological characteristics of H7N9 avian influenza viruses after the use of H7N9 poultry vaccine in ...

27 November 2023
Daily injections of that medication reduce the use of diabetes medication to only three times a year.

What happens is that the glucose or blood sugar is very high, by the time you can leave the body, it does not produce any ...

15 November 2023
The use of Ventilator devices has increased over the past few years.

Undoubtedly, the manufacture of ventilators in Milad Daru Company is one of the best-selling and most practical products in recent years, during an internet survey ...

13 November 2023
Development of a Sampling and Real-time PCR Method for the Quantitative Detection of Campylobacter spp. in Retail Chicken Meat Without DNA Extraction

Campylobacter is one of the most common in the world. This disease causes the Diarrhea of and related diseases. According to the investigations, in most ...

13 November 2023
Legionnaires’ disease in healthcare facilities: state of the art in control and prevention worldwide

Learn more about legionella bacteria Among Legionella species, Legionella pneumophila has the highest pathogenicity in humans. This bacterium causes Legionnaire’s disease (legionellosis[1]). Legionnaires’ disease is ...

7 November 2023
Should RT-PCR be considered a gold standard in the diagnosis of Covid-19?

RT-PCR Emergency situations related to biological agents can occur due to a natural disaster, a local outbreak (epidemic) or a global outbreak (pandemic) of an ...